There’s One Tiny Thing I Haven’t Mentioned About The Infected Game…

It’s a browser based game. It’s using a system that’s something totally different from what you’ve seen in browser games. I’m changing/upgrading some UI things, and will record a video after I’m happy with the changes.

Why browser game?

Well, I will probably say a word or two about that, but now I gotta head back to my coding department.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. i like casual games… don’t have time for anything else, just quick fun

  2. I agree with Juuso there, i’ve been “playing” around with web based games since 2001, and there is tons of system that are far from being casual.

    @Juuso: Can’t wait to see what this browser game is about.

  3. I’m probably wrong, but “browser game” just means “ultra casual” to me. Gamers (at least… myself) just prefer to download. I admit there are also lots of Flash *gems* (the most famous is certainly the very first Yeti Sport), but they are flooded with bad casual games.

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