My Slow Transformation to Being a Console Gamer

I don’t know when this happened, but I find myself playing less on PC and more on PS3. When new stuff – such as PS3 Move – appears for the console, I’m curious to hear about it. For games, I try find something to play on my console.

This is quite new thing to me, since I’ve been a PC dude as far as I can remember.

I’m guessing there’s few reasons for this change:

  • NHL ’10 exclusivity on PS3. I think it was NHL ’08 or ’07 which is available for PC, but newer NHL games are only available on consoles. Same goes for certain other games that I’d like to try. If I wanted to play these games, I needed to get console. Monopolies work.
  • Ease of use. PS3 is simple to use. Launch the game and you are good. With PCs, I might need to do some mystical rituals to get games working. And after they work, I might need to change resolutions and settings and stuff to get decent framerate and visuals. With PS3 I don’t need to do that.
  • Sofa playing. My PC is located downstairs, in a dark room, with spiders and snakes and such. My PS3 on the other hand is located in our livingroom, with proper lights, sofa and everything. Oh, and those wireless bluetooth controller devices. They are great. PS3 is convenient.
  • Bigger screen (TV for PS3, 24″ monitor for PC)
  • PS3 also nowadays offers online multiplayer which wasn’t available some time ago for consoles. I only play multiplayer games, and with PS3 I can go online so it’s not limited to only offline multiplayer. Which gets me to my next reason.
  • Offline multiplayer is also nice. Sometimes it’s just cool to have people you play with in the same room. PS3 offers that.

But… if it wouldn’t have NHL ’10 online (and blu-ray) I might have not bought the console at all. It’s just later than I’ve found out how cool machines these things are.

This is quite lot said from a guy whose previous console experience was provided by NES (I wonder what happened to that machine) – and who has always held the PC flag very, very high.

I suppose things change.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m still completly a PC user and gamer and I don’t have a desire to get a console any time soon. When the PS3 came out I would have liked to play all the new games that came out, but now I kind of think it’s coming slowly back to PC’s. Maybe not back to being the mainly used system, but so that lots of games are out for both consoles and PC, even Mac.

    I guess it’s because I neither own a TV nor a Console, but I really don’t miss the device or the experince, just the content that I miss out on. Then again that’s the same with the different consoles and their exclusives.

    Pritty sure I would have the same experience as you once I’d buy one though :)

  2. I just experienced the same thing you did. My netflix setup was so ‘ad-hoc’ that we finally just bought a PS3 and the ease-of-use factor is HUGE. It’s great not to screw with drivers, fiddle with cords (the cordless controllers are very nice). My cordless USB keyboard actually just worked — that was a surprise. And I love the online store for games. A big, BIG bonus is that the machine is QUIET. That’s a must for the living room in my book.

    Even though I love the console as a platform for ‘consuming’ media, but as far as content creation/development nothing beats the PC.

    The closed nature of the console is going to keep them from becoming the ultimate device for both creation and consumption of content for me. Until I can play something in my living room that I created, without dropping gobs of money for a development kit, the PC is still my world.

    I think the marriage of the PC and the Console for the garage developer would be very cool :) (creator & consumer)

  3. Yeh.

    I’m not saying that “PC gaming is dying”, no way. There’s still other games like the previously mentioned FPS games that I only play on PC. I also liked adventure game monkey island demo more on PC for some reason. Well, I guess any game where you *need* a mouse requires PC.

    On the other hand… sports games for example are nice due the sixaxis. PCs don’t have such device by default.

    Xbox is neat in that way that many games that appear on PC appear also on xbox.

  4. Consoles sure are convenient so I know what you mean. It’s also easier to have several people watch/play (me and my boys). XBLA is also nice and easy to get games from.

  5. I don’t see that happening. :]

    But… there indeed are games on PC that I won’t play on consoles. All FPS games fall to that category. Sony’s Move can help a bit on that department, but somehow I feel that it cannot replace keyboard + mouse.

  6. Now that would be awesome if the best game for PS3 Move controller comes only out on PC :)

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