9 thoughts on “Do You Rent or Trade Games?

  1. Juuso Post author

    That’s cool. Good job mate.

    I feel I could do the same. I have several books & games lying around that I don’t play anymore.

  2. Tobias Scheuer

    Yes, a real public library. You register (paying a small fee per year) and then you can lend any books they have. CDs and DVDs as well. They do have so many interesting books… and after so many moves from one flat to another, I got tired of moving around all my books again and again. Most of which I had read once and would not read them again… so I started to give books away, and a number of games as well.

  3. Tobias Scheuer

    Renting almost no (did that in one or two cases years ago) and trading neither, though I have bought very few used games, bad boy who I am. When I don’t want to keep any of my games I give them to the public library, so others can try those games and have fun with them.

  4. Russell

    I used Gamefly for years, but my tastes moved from $50 mainstream console games to $15 indie PC games, so I eventually canceled my subscription. Most being downloadable from Steam or other online merchants… occasionally downloadable console titles, so trading isn’t really relevant to me.

  5. Brian

    goozex.com has completely eliminated the need to budget my spending on games. trading is the way to go for me


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