Small Annoying Things

Yesterday I didn’t make a blog post. I coded my game system instead and sort of lost track of time (or pick some other reason). The fact that I didn’t post an article bugs me.

Two days ago, I posted a blog post with 2 polls. Currently first poll got 64 votes, and second one 63. That annoys me big time. (Damnit, that one dude could have voted in both polls you know!)

Something to do with consistency (and promises). First thing I will “fix” by writing 2 blog posts on some other day (to keep my 1 post per day average running) which sounds a pretty damn foolish if I think about it.

But nothing that I can do for that poll thing.

Therefore the question remains: why are these small annoyances so annoying? Rationally thinking, one poll having 64 and another 63 votes should not mean nothing.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. For a second I thought it might have been me =P I got pretty behind on my RSS feeds XD but no, I remember voting both.

  2. When there is a chance to “corrupt” something it will be done. No reason to get annoyed but lesson learned. Take it easy! :)

  3. Quality over quantity. A bad/useless post is worse than no post at all :)
    About the polls, I almost got tricked too. You had two vote buttons, but at first I saw only one. Users expect one big “Vote” button, no matter how many questions…

  4. It’s a mission of mine to become less annoyed by little things as I’m sure it reduces productivity and makes it harder to focus on priorities.

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