Age Ratings For Music Videos?

Few years back, I pondered why there’s no age limits for music. For movies and games there’s several different type of ratings.

My baby girl is now 6 months. We had music television (or Voice – Finnish alternative) open every now and then and I started to pay attention what they show in the channel since our baby seemed to watch all the bright colors that TV displays – also in the music channel.

I’m thinking that there’s definitely stuff that’s not for kids. In fact… radio channels have got our votes nowadays.

I started wondering again, why there’s no ratings for music? You can play any music around the clock and there’s no guidelines for parents. It feels that I better turn off the channel rather than risk it.

I’m on safe waters what it comes to movies/cartoons and such. I’m also on very safe waters what it comes to games since I’m very familiar with those… but music channel – or just plain audio – is something I cannot control so easily. At least not here in Finland.

I wonder if this is the case in other parts of this planet – and I wonder why there’s really no clear age ratings or such for music.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. The thing is, that people can’t do it better than nature already does. No matter what a child sees or hears, it will naturally eliminate any aspects which are threatening the reproduction of human species.

    If you think of it more, it should be rather forbidden to support big companies, who destroy the nature.

  2. Well, in the last months I observed a trend: all the music clips in top 10 have at least 4 (almost) naked ladies. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ladies, but come on, it’s a music clip, not porn :D So I was talking with a friend that they should have age ratings for clips. In Romania for tv shows we have “AP” (lowest rating, everybody can watch), “12”, “16”, “18”. Really, these clips could go easily to the “16” category…

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