What Gaming Sites You Consume?

I’ve started to notice a trend in my own internet behavior, and somewhat feel that this new behavior is saving my time. I’m talking about following news via twitter.

At some point I was noticing that twitter is full of crap (that holds quite true still), but now I started thinking that I rarely visit to other gaming sites. Earlier, I checked indiegamer.com quite often. Gamasutra.com was also something I read. And I had a list of blog RSS feeds that I more or less frequently visited.

Nowadays I’m visiting indiegamer.com quite regularly (one reason being the fact that I’m a moderator there), but besides that (and my own sites) I think my direct visits to other sites have decreased. I now longer visit those sites so often unless somebody tweets about them. So, when there’s something worth visiting, twitter will tell me about it (I’m using Tweetdeck by the way, which is a must-get).

Didn’t really planned this. It just happened to me.

What gaming sites – blogs or others – are you visiting?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. If you want to save time, use http://www.gameboar.com It’s a huge video game news aggregator that updates automatically 24/7.

    Here you can find the latest news for all gaming platforms from the major gaming sites in one place.

  2. Yeah, Twitter here too, and Indiegamer, and BlitzMax.com. Also Inside Social games (for work), and that’s it. Plus your site (feel honoured! ;-)) Used to check GameZebo when I made downloadable casual games. Don’t have time to read tons of gaming sites.

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