Damn Canvas Commands

I’ve been putting quite a bit of effort to get my gaming system for The Infected game to work properly. At the moment I call the system to be in “alpha” state, but it’s already functional. You can basically play any board game online with your buddies using this system. For example, here’s a screenie showing me and a buddy of mine just finishing playing Lotr Confrontation (board game) online using this game engine:

I’m sharing more info about the system at some point when I’ve tackled certain issues.

Little bit about the technology: I’m using browser based system and relying on Canvas command for rotating objects. When I have big pics (like that map) for some reason the rotate causes small issues (sometimes one or two of the map pics is missing). I’m doing some more testing to see if I can find a workaround for this issue.

I’ve tried scanning & uploading couple of board/card games online to see any possible issues with the system on different configurations and how usable the system is. I’ve got few people testing it here and there, which has helped me to go in the right direction with the system. Now my goal is to finish the bits of the system to support the elements that I need for my game, but from the very beginning, I’ve tried to make such a game engine that other people (like you) can use it too.

More info coming later, but before that I gotta figure out how to fix that Canvas issue.

Juuso Hietalahti


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