So, I Went And Bought NHL 11…

There’s one funny thing that happened.

I almost didn’t purchase the game since earlier I told that I wouldn’t purchase NHL ’11. Come to think of it, it would be silly to not to change my mind just because something that I said in the past.

Strange how we human beings are constructed so that we want to be consistent with our speech and actions.

Since I said in the past that “I’m not buying this game” (in this public blog), this somehow made me think that I shouldn’t buy the game. Not even when I can see that it’s terribly fun after winning the Stanley Cup in the demo over and over (and even though it costs 43.44 euros, and not 20 euros). In reality, +24 euros doesn’t make any difference. The bottom line is that the game is terribly fun, and all people who played NHL ’10 online have moved to play NHL ’11 online (yes, that’s a sad thing for some players – but quite cool fact from EA’s money department perspective), and that these new features are cool enuf to justify the purchase.

Also, it’s something that’s quite family friendly and something that I can play even if my baby girl is in the same room (learning hip tackles is perfectly natural thing to learn at the age of 6 months, but I don’t want to teach her how to steal cars (GTA) or shoot cops (Kane & Lynch) or smash object with your head (Mario Bros) – those are too bad things for her age).

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. You know if you really wanted to play something interesting and worthwhile, and have it at the same time be probably positive for your daughter, I’d recommend playing Flower on the PS3 (PS store game). It’s one of the most therapeutic and fascinating games I’ve ever played! And also, that’s an interesting point you made about keeping to our words. I’ve definitely done the same thing in the past (it’s a weird feeling).

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