Social Game Development

Game development today is radically different from what it was 20 years ago. Nowadays Internet makes it possible to connect with others and share our findings, and get help – and help others.

I’ve heard about social games, but it was today when I heard the term “social game development”. Very logical, but I started wondering what social game development means? Sure, we have used forums and other systems to communicate, but isn’t almost any game development somewhat social today?

(“Anti-social” game development isn’t an option anymore, correct?)

3 thoughts on “Social Game Development

  1. Ceph

    Well just for the record i would call it non-social instead of anti-social. I read a lot of comments about people complaining about new iPhone game releases not having online social elements. I would say there is a sizeable chunk of the market that now expect it.

    I miss the good old days when you mainly played with other people to murder them in FPS’s or maybe just burn all their cities down in a good game of Civilization.

  2. Fili

    Well, it depends where you’re putting the quotes, like
    “anti social” game development
    anti “social game development”
    These days social game development ranges from “fully-online, fully-social” game like Farmville to “we have online scores and achievements” like most games that integrate OpenFeint, Plus+ and other stuff…
    It’s up to you what you choose :)


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