Zombies Have Invaded My Brain

Seriously. I have this issue with zombies.

I’ve never considered myself a huge zombie fan fan. I like some good zombie flicks and zombie games, but it’s not like I’m seeking zombie stuff. Not a “fan fan” you know. Like those zombie fan fans that dress up like zombies and participate in “zombie walk” and have watched every single zombie movie there is. I’ve watched some zomb movies and liked them, and also decided to use zombies in my earlier Dead Wake game.

But for some reason whereever direction I keep going, for some reason there’s a zombie lurking behind the corner. For example, for my current game I haven’t actually decided what exactly the “infection” is, but for some reason I keep thinking that they gotta be zombies. (Or something zombielike at least!)

When I tested Minecraft, my mind started suggesting me how there could be this “Dead Wake 2” game where things would be much like in Dead Wake, but so that you’d be a lone survivor (like I Am The Legend movie) building shelters by combining objects (like in Minecraft) at daytime, and trying to hide at night time.

When my bro suggested playing the Risk game, I started thinking that (A) it’s too long game but (B) could be fun if there would be zombies used instead.

Whenever I hear something good about zombie gaming, I most likely tweet about it.

Well, I guess you cannot go wrong with zombies!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @merc-ai: you forgot the pirates. And the robots. Giant robots! Aaaannd… errr… giant pirates! And giant zombies, that would be awesome!

  2. Because zombies and ninjas are two pillars of awesome that can make anything better. Anything.

    Worst case scenario would be if zombies are your ally and ninjas are your enemies. Played like an escort mission.
    Hm, someone should make this game ASAP. I’ll even suggest a name: “Don’t touch my zombie!”.
    Oh snap, I’ll write this one myself, someday.

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