Do You Participate In Game Dev Contests?

I’m having a brief refreshing break and doing this contest entry for a week. I find it fun to code something in such a limited scale, and the “sell 1 copy” aspect was so intriguing that I simply have to test and see how well I can manage.

What about you, are you participating in these type of contests/prototyping experiments?


3 thoughts on “Do You Participate In Game Dev Contests?

  1. Brian: I did read that!

    I heard about this contest several weeks ago from Mr Phil – and then I decided that I would focus on getting my Traitor game project to IGF and would participate late October (last week or so) by doing something totally different.


  2. I was pondering about this Ludum Dare’s October challenge. Finally I’ve decided to NOT participate. That’s because I never made it through all phases of game production so far. There would be too much new ground (and unexpected problems) for me in this challenge.

    Nevertheless, the idea sounds promising. I’m wondering about the results.

  3. I see you ignore my blog, especially the part where I mentioned my newly announced team is working on the Ludum Dare contest you just discovered. :P

    So, uh, yes. But, this is the first one. Figured it’s nice to have a goal to work toward.