Reasons Why Minecraft Is (One of?) The Most Successful Indie Game On The Planet

I think I could almost copy & paste one year old blog post I made about garry’s mod success (posted October 25, 2009).

I really recommend reading that, thinking a bit, and then coming back here to comment.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That’s the difference between the real world and the
    internet. In the real world, kids sell lemonade for 10 cents, sells
    a few drinks and take home very little money. In the internet. If a
    kid were to sell virtual lemonade, and if it becomes popular, it’d
    sell about a few million virtual drinks, and become a millionaire.
    The key is make something that people want to buy for certain
    price. If you can make something people would pay a few dollars
    for, and people likes it enough to tell others about it, then
    that’s it, you’re rich. That’s the power of the internet. And as
    hermit says, what really catches people fancy, is things people can
    share on one hand. And in the other hand is sense of progress.
    Games that makes you feel like you are constantly

  2. These days the combination of creation + sharing seems to be the holy grail of game design. Understandable, it’s so different to the common “destroy everything” theme so many games provide.

    It’s much the same way game production works. Maybe that’s the reason for spending all my time on game dev. It’s a game itself where you create something and share it with others. Well, sharing becomes selling. Hopefully :)

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