This Ludum Dare Contest Is Fun! (Oh, And Pre-Order My Game)

Missing IGF deadline, I’m totally excited about participating in the Ludum Dare October contest. Since one part of the contest is *selling* that copy, I ended up doing this.

Done so far: couple of dwarves, cutscenes (heh), some dialogue, action selection system, character stats/attributes, to mention something.

Still need: few more dwarves, game loop (attacks and stuff resolve), location/room handling, special skills, end game… and more.

Gotta be really thoughtful about what to add in the game and what to leave away. Anyway, this will end within a few days… and it’s a fun little break to take from longer projects.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hmm, I think I need to make sure my English grammar is up-to-date if I want to go all the way down to “seven-hundred-thousand-three-hundred-fourty-fifth”..

  2. Dude I was going to buy it but then I thought I’d better, you know, make sure of the quality by watching the vids (after all it’s a whole $1 I’m thinking of spending), but the video links take me to vimeo and it says I have to log in. Why not put them on you-tube where there is no login required?

  3. Hah hah, Janette. Thanks for the order – eighth it was! :)

    @Phil: Yes.

    (And of course you cannot go wrong with zombies and pirates.)

  4. Here’s a Forth reason. They are a patron of indie game development and want to support the art.

  5. Now, that’s not being downer! (Although of course I don’t see any reason NOT to purchase – especially now with A SCREENSHOT AND 2 VIDEOS added here – click click).

    That’s actually a very good question.

    I feel that purchases are sort of like “transfer of trust” (leap of faith). I think the people who have bought the game are (1) friend of mine (I know them), (2) follower-following via twitter… (I semi-know them) OR (3) following somebody who is following me. (I don’t know them)

    (that’s the twitter case of course).

  6. Hmm, I don’t want to be a downer. But I am curious.
    Why do you think people preorder?
    Assuming you didn’t give more infomration about your game anywhere else, I don’t think people can tell too much about your game. What kind of game and etc.
    Then why are they preordering?
    Is it because they know you are from gameproducer?
    Or some people who preorder don’t know this website at all?

    What do you think?

  7. DRM free (or no DRM): explained that in the page now. Basically it’s hassle-free: no registration keys or anything. You get full game without stupid & annoying “copyright protection”.

    No demo yet, but I will prepare video after get rid of placeholder art & game loop works (it’s in really good shape) – so maybe tomorrow.

  8. Err, I don’t know anything about the game beside one or two screenshots that doesn’t show much.
    Maybe a link to a demo or something?

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