7 thoughts on “Dwarf Zombie Game First Screenie (Fierce Combat!)

  1. Juuso Post author

    Hey, it’s a pre-order! No downloads yet.

    Vimeo – well, the videos really don’t tell much anything (unless you know how the game mechanics work) so you aren’t missing a lot :D

    4 days + 12 hours to go, so unfortunately right now my emphasis is not on making vids… must keep focus on getting gameplay working or there isn’t much to play :)

  2. Sargon

    Sadly the Vimeo video requires to be logged in, and I need to dig up my password for that.
    But I am so curious now, that I am going to pre order your game “blindely” ;)

  3. Pathogen David

    Gah, the guy at the bottom making the random comment thing won me over XD My dollar is yours! Also, the “Tweet this” button on the “Thanks for pre-ordering!” page makes you tweet a message with a link to the thanks page =P you might want to correct that!


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