Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hey, it’s a pre-order! No downloads yet.

    Vimeo – well, the videos really don’t tell much anything (unless you know how the game mechanics work) so you aren’t missing a lot :D

    4 days + 12 hours to go, so unfortunately right now my emphasis is not on making vids… must keep focus on getting gameplay working or there isn’t much to play :)

  2. Oh wait, I don’t even get a download for pre-ordering? O_O
    Oh well, too late. :P

  3. Sadly the Vimeo video requires to be logged in, and I need to dig up my password for that.
    But I am so curious now, that I am going to pre order your game “blindely” ;)

  4. Gah, the guy at the bottom making the random comment thing won me over XD My dollar is yours! Also, the “Tweet this” button on the “Thanks for pre-ordering!” page makes you tweet a message with a link to the thanks page =P you might want to correct that!

  5. @David: I’m keeping a *a tally here*. (Current number is five, but I bet the money is just being processed). And I’m sure *this awesome video* will be more than enuf to help you decide.

    @Jake: Dinosaurs… godzilla… possibilities are endless with them. :)

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