And Done… (Phew)

I just submitted my entry to Ludum dare (not sure if that link works for you, I hope so).

I managed to tackle the stuff I wanted and also managed to add bit more graphics (and tweak the gui, and add few things here and there) in the game, as seen for example here:

It’s now so late (or so early to be honest) that I gotta get some sleep now. I didn’t make the download link just yet, but I will get the thing for the first buyers – and try get their honest opinions here too.

The game is in unbelievably good shape in my own opinion (thinking that week ago I had nothing, and now I had done cut scene handler, comment system, different characters, combat system, special skills, bit of background art and so on)… but since it’s missing certain tiny but important features (such as “start new game” button :)) which without you can survive (new game = relaunch the application) but which are really quite annoying (thank god it loads fast).

Anyway. Now, I’m going to get some sleep. Tomorrow I prepare video, and get the full version to the hands of the customers. I try make a short free demo (not sure if Ludum dare actually requires that, I used placeholder link for now) at some point.

The point of this October challenge was to make a game. And sell one copy.

I’ve done that. Tomorrow I get it in the hands of the customers, and think more what I do next.

P.S. At the time of writing it says “October ends very soon” on their website, but here in Finland it’s November 1st. I’m on different time zone – thanks to it I made it in time.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I will try to think of a better word =)

    And I did not read the FAQ, I just had a moment so I just dove right on in.

  2. Good feedback, gotta try get others to comment as well. Jake? :)

    Resolve – care to suggest a better word? I was thinking “End turn” and then let those actions happen with small delay after each action (and you could “skip” with the other button).

    Heh, I might let them attack after finishing one room. That was something I thought but didn’t get done yet.

    Move up / move down. I see. I will think about that. One reason why the actions occur later is that it makes planning slightly more important as you cannot know if some action was successful. It also leaves room for error when you realize you accidentally moved some character and now some other guy cannot attack.

    I could do so that “move” is always done right away… but not sure if it’s confusing from usability perspective (“why move gets done right away, but other’s dont?”).


    Come to think of it: attack is the only thing that could be handled later. And… I suppose I could consider “resolving” ;) them right away.

    I think about it.

    Graves: Yeh, they are intentional. First it was unplanned, and I thought that I would remove – but then while doing testing I thought it was bit fun to see these guys to speak while dead :) I planned to change the scripts so that dead guys have new lines to say (to indicate they know they are dead, yet have some stories to tell ;)).

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    By the way, did you read the FAQ? It should help quite a lot when trying to get pass level 2 (and later)

  3. Oh, also, my graves tended to talk every once and a while. Kinda funny but I wasn’t sure if that was intentional.

  4. lol, pretty nice, but I got mauled on the second level. Kinda weird after hours of traveling they are still too tired to attack during the next battle if they attacked at the end of the last one =P

    Also, “Resolve” seemed like awkward wording. I didn’t know what the button did at first and only figured it out after mashing it. When I hear “Resolve” I think of some issue that exists, like a conflict between two movements or something.

    It also seemed ambiguous to me if I needed to tell one guy to move down and the other to move up. Maybe just make them do the action when they press the button? (That’d fix the “resolve” issue too ;) )

    But other than that, awesome job!

  5. What can I say? You’ve added just a little graphic tiles and now the game looks much better. Hey, I can even see the distance (in tiles) to the zombies :) Can’t wait to play it!

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