Zombie Dwarves, Or Dwarf Zombies…

I got the first (alpha I guess) version of the Zombie Dwarves game out in time and mailed it to those of you who have purchased it.

I also uploaded a new video and wrote a sort of a guide on how to play the game (it probably won’t make much sense unless you check out the guide).

Looking forward to hear comments from the people who bought it (or of course from those who consider getting it ;). And please – check the guide if you are clueless on how to play (due Ludum dare contest deadline, I could not build proper help/tutorial)

In the nearby future, I will make a blog post where I summarize what exactly I did, learned and my thoughts about this one-weekish game project results (and future plans – I intend to update the game a bit… :)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Janette: axed some zombies near the gateway, and re-sent the email. You should be able to download it now.

    @Fili: Did you read the guide?

    I’m quite hesitant about adding HPs nor making it possible to have consecutive actions, since these limitations are what hopefully makes the game to provide interesting decisions where you really need to weight your actions. It’s meant to be brutal. ;)

    …With that being said, I can consider adding some hitpoints (maybe like 2 for some really tough guys) as a “specialty”. And, I was planning on making so that several dwarves can attack groups that are “near the dwarf” – this will make it so that each of your dwarf can have something to do, and should give you more room to maneuver.

    Also, I did plan a one-time specialty (for the alchemist, who started all this ;) to bring any one character back to life.

    Thanks for the comments – really want to hear more.

  2. – I don’t like 1 HP. I want to be allowed to make a few mistakes. Something like 5 HP for both me and the enemies is better. At the end of the battle either restore HP to full, either have +1 potions appear on the battlefield (and have a “pick” action).
    – I don’t like the “consecutive actions” limitation. I encountered a situation where there were a bunch of zombies and I had 4 of my dwarfs to support, attack, attack, support. First round was ok, but the next one required the very same actions so I wasn’t capable to do them. Therefore I lost 3 dwarfs and closed the game.
    – There was a third thing, but I can’t remember it right now. I’ll be back! :D

  3. Thanks man for the feedback, and glad you liked the intro :)

    Can you point out why you don’t quite like the combat?

  4. Well, I don’t quite like the combat (I’m not a good tactician) but the intro was awesome!
    “They must be brave if they didn’t run away”
    “Or prisoners…”
    I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t read the next 2-3 lines of dialog.

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