Resources On AI (Neural Networks And Other)

I’ve been checking out some robots stuff (robotics, robot programming, artificial intelligence) “just for fun” for a few days and thought to share a bit of my findings. I’m mainly interested in robot programming (and artificial life) which can be useful for you to check out as well if you are planning on using AI in your game.

Here’s some online resources:

  • Generation 5 looks like a great resource. There’s tons of information about game AI, robotics, genetic algorithms, programming, artificial life, neural networks and so on. I have merely glimpsed some of the articles on their site and can warmly recommend checking out the site. Seemed good, and others have recommended it as well.
  • AI junkie is a site with some articles on genes and neural networks. It also has book recommendations and links to other sites. Good place for starters.

Books on AI:
Please notice that I haven’t read these books, these represents the books I ended up with (based on reviews by other people), and just sharing my findings.

  • Programming game AI by example – this book was recommended by many different sites and has got good amazon.com reviews. From what I’ve heard (and read using google reader) about the book, it starts with AI basics and builds from there, eventually helping reader to build a simple soccer AI.
  • AI techniques for game programming is a book that talks about genetic algorithms and neural networks in somewhat understandable language (at least based on from what I’ve read).

There’s other books (please feel free to suggest addition to the lists), but these were the ones I found and put to my wish/buylist.

P.S. Those interested in perhaps-not-so-useful-for-gaming books on robotics, might be interested to check out Robot Builders Bonanza and Getting Started with Arduino. Again, I haven’t read nor ordered these (yet), but these were getting enough recommendations for me to place these into my future-buy list.

Book recommendations?
If you have some book or other recommendations on Artificial Intelligence, feel free to share your links.

In case you know some good book about “machine learning / artificial intelligence (general) / artificial life” I’d be very pleased to hear about these.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I read the first two AI Game Programming Wisdom books. The series is well written and I would recommend them any time. While the first issue covers a wide range of topics (must-read) the second is more focused on details. Can’t say anything about 3 and 4 but they seem to shrink the scope to.

    http://www.aiwisdom.com lists all articles of the AI Game Programming Wisdom series as well as other recommendable book series like the GPU Gems. Here you may find out which book you should grab for solving a specific problem.

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