I Wonder If I Should Press Enter

I wrote a tweet.

Didn’t publish it just yet.

I’m thinking if I should press enter.

I have this dilemma about “where do I draw the line”. Humor is a tricky beast and one might wanna consider different cultures.

So far I’ve made it a habit not to publish stuff that has politics or religion. Those topics just lead to endless debate and annoys the dragon. If you make jokes about religion, people might take these two popular stances on the subject. One opinion is that “thou shall not make jokes about religion” (that’s side #1) which is viewed as “you old farts don’t understand humor & there’s freedom of speech” (that’s side #2). Both of these might lead to some sort of conflicts.

I sort of think jokes are okay (#2) but one should consider not mocking others (#1). Which can be difficult to balance.

Maybe I just delete the tweet.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah I delete some tweets before I post them as a) pointless b) may cause a problem with work. I don’t care too much about what people may think of my silly jokes, but I don’t tend to make ones on dodgy topics I think. I also sometimes type emails at work and then delete them, or large parts of them. Always pause before hitting send.

  2. It’s not so much about “do you care about what others think?”, it’s more like “I care what kind of stuff I put into motion around me”

  3. “A good general rule is that if you aren’t sure you should post something, don’t post it.”

    In my experience, that’s a bloody good rule of thumb.

  4. I would say: dont give a….!
    Do you want to be the person other people demand you to be, or do you want to be you?

    If you like the joke, tell it!
    If it aint funny to me, i wont laugh.
    end of story.

    booohooohooo. some people might not like me, because i have an oppinion……

    you know how those people are called?

    Do you really care about their oppinion on you?

  5. I would consider the benefits and disadvantages of each action, and take those into a relation with the macroversum we are living in.

  6. A good general rule is that if you aren’t sure you should post something, don’t post it.

    As far as religious humor goes… Well, is it mocking the religion? In that case, it’s not humor. If it’s pointing out a religion’s hypocrisy in something, and does it in a funny way, then it can be good.

    As a Christian, I’ve seen lots of both kinds. When I see someone mocking Christianity, I just sigh at their ignorance. When I see the second kind, most of the time it’s from fellow Christians. And, whoever it’s from, I like it.

    As for tweeting it, I’d suggest you don’t. Tweets don’t give you enough room to establish the context that you aren’t mocking, and are simply being humorous.

  7. Before you delete the tweet, one way to solve this dilemma is that (#3) “What the heck, old farts don´t Tweet anyway…”

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