I Hope I Nailed The Design Milestone Now

I still need to categorize and clean up my writings, but for the last few days my mind is been on doing the design for The Infected. Good news are that this board/card game type of game might work just fine.

I’ve streamlined the design. I’ve put some stuff out. I’ve fixed some issues I know this thing had. It’s simple as hell, but not simpler (Einstein logic). And expandable.


Now the heavy duty of writing is ahead of me.

You know. It’s the difference between “writing code” and “documenting it”. We all know which one is the fun part.

Bad news is I have no clue* on how to sell it. (Since it’s “realtime” browser based game).

* by “no clue” I mean that I have one idea which is somewhere in the middle ground of physical and non-physical world. (Aka selling game both as a physical card game via a publisher, but also so that purchasers get access to online server. If I manage to make it so that it stays online due heavy AJAX-calls)

Juuso Hietalahti