Take This “How Good Customer Are You” Test (How Many Non-Played Steam Games You Have Bought)

Here’s a little exercise for you to do.

  • Calculate the amount of games you’ve bought and played less than twice in your Steam library (for example, I have 8)
  • That’s it. That’s your customer score, now proceed to check from the following “chart” to see how good customer you are

Score 0: cheapskate
You are either a very cheap or pulling on some other shenanigans. Shame on you.

Score 1-2: poor start (you’ve bought 1 or 2 games that you haven’t really played yet)
You are not a very good customer. You should try improve your rating by buying loads of more games. After all, game developers need money. And you certainly have some (since you have time to buy games that you don’t play), so go ahead tiger and buy some games.

Score 3-5: good!
Now we are onto something. Clearly you are not only buying games, but you are also not consuming them. That’s a good sign: it means less support & maintenance for game developers. We are all proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Score 6-10: amazing!
Whoa. You certainly like bargain deals, don’t you? Awesome job. Keep on buying games, and don’t forget to visit the game developer’s own sites every now and then. After all, they all are eager to get your money. In fact, I know just the perfect game for you to buy right now – and don’t worry if you bought it earlier, the more licenses you get the better.

Score 11+: whoa!!
Either you are cheating, loaded or something… but this result is amazing. If the rest of the planet would act like you, game devs would not be bitching so much. The world needs more people like you: the people who buy games like you – without touching them. You have earned the collectors badge. Keep on buying. After all, game development is not about money. It’s about the money in your pockets.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Anyway, the point was to track “how many games people buy, test once, and then forget” :)

  2. It always amazes me how as a Finnish guy I manage to make something totally clear very unclear by not using the right words. (And then learning new words :)

  3. Oh I just figured out you meant games you haven’t “loaded” and played twice, not games you haven’t completed twice. Doh. Well that alters my score, except since this survey the might Xmas Steam sale meant I bought a lot more.

  4. do the titles that I’ve bought, but hadn’t played at all yet count? If so, I’m like whoa*2.

  5. Nah, I’ve pirated a lot of games, but sometimes I get the urge to do something for the industry and buy the games I liked. Usually if I finish a game it either was really short (and it’s not worth buying anyways) or really good and I buy it (but never play the original because I hate optical discs :P)

  6. Unfortunately steam prices are usually so ridiculously over priced where I live that I usually buy my games from the UK and then install them on Steam … Does that make me a cheapskate? I actually have 3 unplayed games on steam though ..

  7. I had to put down 11+ cause there was a point that they had a nice sale on which gave me loads of games… I will one day get around to playing them, but i’m in no hurry, just knowing i have them at a good price is good for me :)

  8. I answered 11+, but for games in my steam library that I never played, not even installed!

  9. Ha funny. I never play my games twice so I had to count all my Steam games, otherwise my score would be lower, but still >0 :-)

  10. I think I have you beat.

    From my count, due to habitual “comfort” spending as well as taking advantage of bundle deals, which often include 5 games for less than the price of the one I wanted to play, my combined total of un/barely-played Steam and GoG.com games is 92, not counting a duplicate copy of Psychonauts due to two separate combo packs.

    I think I deserve a prize, no?

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