And There Goes Spare Time

My grandest project requires my attention, and during the last 8 months there’s been some things that have changed. The first one is “spare time”.

That has flown out of the window. I can say that if I ever get me saying “dunno what to do now…” I must be dreaming. With newborn in the house, it means that usage of time changes.

Nowdays, the “what do I want” question has popped to my mind more often. I have several things going on. I have a blog, I have an Insiders community (with automated press release system), I do some gaming consulting (rarely though), non-game work in fluctuating basis, I change diapers, play board games, tweet, watch tv, movies, books reading, play games and so on.

When I’m thinking “what do I really want” I feel that some of these things don’t get the attention they deserve. Some are in balance. For example, I play board games like once or twice per month – sometimes skipping some month. I feel this to be a good amount of playing: it gets me out of the house socializing, and I get to try some games where gameplay really matters.

On the other hand, the amount of time I spend reading books has decreased. Earlier in my life I would read books just before going to bed, but nowadays I stay up later (writing blog posts like this) and tv silently on the back… stopping me from reading. All my life I’ve read some chapters from book (Terry Pratchett quite often) before going to sleep, and now our adorable baby has changed the pattern and somehow I just won’t read in my livingroom.

(Maybe I just gotta throw away TV. That probably would solve many things.)

Listing those things I do might get the impression that I have many things going, but in a way only a few items on that list are really meaningful, and those really don’t tell much about the time they require. Much is about priorization and the balance and time given.

Now after 8 months of daddy-experience, and now this year coming closer to its end, it’s good to ask: what (more/else) do I want to do this year? What about next year? What is it, that I really want to achive?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Having the TV on in the background is the devil of productivity. You think you’re getting work done but you’re not. I just unplugged mine and it isn’t important enough to me to plug it back in (too lazy.) So far it has worked out pretty good.

  2. Yep parenthood changes everything and people really don’t realise how much until it happens to them. I had to alter my priorities a lot. It just gets you to “cut scope” on what activities you can do and just focus on the best. Also drop commitments that are a waste of time etc.

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