Indies Inc – The Biggest Gaming Company In The World

People might look at individual indies and say that there’s some individuals here and there. That one is making game and selling some. Over there is somebody who had more success. They continue saying that “these one man studios…”

And they are so bloody wrong.

Indies form a huge “company”. Huge million-workers-inside-the-factory-working-whenever-the-heck-we-want company. It’s not a traditional company. Indies Inc doesn’t pay anything for stock owners. Nobody and everybody owns it.

When Gran Turismo 6 releases, there’s only one company and a huge marketing budget spreading the word. When NHL ’12 gets released, there’s only one company with a huge budget spreading the word about it.

But when some indies put together a promotion, then thousands of other (mainlyindies) tweet about it. @GreyAlien is tweeting about it. @rinkuhero, @pathogenstudios, @GBGames, @black_golem, @notch to name a few indies more.

All these guys have their own companies. In traditional sense – in pretty much every other industry – all would be “competitors”.

I mean, you don’t see rival supermarkets promoting “hey, our competitor is having a sale – go buy their stuff”.

But indies to that.

That’s why we have Indies Inc.

And so much fun.

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