Got iPod Touch, What Apps Do I Must Get?

Alrighty. I have this iPod touch thing here. What apps should I get? Already tested “weather app” – it shows weather! And also a clock app, which… *drums*… shows clock!

I heard rumours there’s some other apps too that I might be using, so bring ‘em on.

I already got Tweetdeck app, Gmail thing set up, Zen Bound 2 app, Spotify app working.

15 thoughts on “Got iPod Touch, What Apps Do I Must Get?

  1. If you like mind teasers have a look at Buttonia. There’s a lite version too

  2. Fairy Cubes Christmas Edition, Fairy Cubes, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seassons

  3. hum, would be a pleasure if you consider to buy AntBlox

    (if I got any promocodes more, of course I will send you.)

    Also, “piano-apps” very fun to play.

  4. Good stuff. Thanks everybody.

  5. Well, check the “Games Starter Kit” by Apple (list of “essential” AppStore games):

  6. You could upgrade the OS to Debian, then you have all apps for free, and the same OS on your Mac, PC, PS3, etc…

  7. First of all, you need to jailbreak your device. Then you can install some really nice apps, like SBSettings that allow you to have some kind of widgets (fast enable of wifi, remove all apps from background instead of clicking each of them, etc), SSH so you can connect to your device without a cable, there’s also an app that lets you have more apps on that bar on the bottom of the screeen. There’s a lot of stuff, just google for “reasons to jailbreak”
    @Lumooja: saying that all iPhone apps work on all Macs because it’s the same OS is like saying you can put truck wheels on your bike because all are round and made of rubber. First of all, iPhones are on an ARM architecture, Macs on an Intel architecture. iOS is not the same thing as MacOSX and apps are made by a lot of companies and individuals, Apple is just publishing them.

  8. @Lumooja: iOS Apps work only the devices, not on the Macs.

    Well I won’t recommend any apps, but some sites where you can grab a different free game everyday (they are actually full games, that go free for a day):

    Also note that all EA titles are for sale for $0.99 until 22/Dec.

  9. If you like addictive puzzle games and want to support a fellow indie developer, check out Crazy Electric:

    Cut The Rope as someone else recommended is great too!

  10. I am T-Pain is probably the best app for iPhone/iPod. I suppose all iPhone apps work on all Macs, since it’s the same OS and same company making them:

  11. Tipidy, DisCalc, Workaday and How Old Am I.

    Ya can’t go wrong with those.


  12. Nice to hear you already got ZB2. :) Be sure to grab Stair Dismount (Universal) as well! (it’s FREE)

  13. Fairy Cubes Christmas Edition, Fairy Cubes, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seassons

  14. Space Wolves for ipod touch & iphone is an easy-to-pick-up-and-play game that will keep you chuckling!

  15. InstaPaper, DropBox, Skype, Game Dev Story, Cut the Rope, Trainyard. I use mine mainly for gaming and podcasts.