Deleting Programs: Email, Twitter…

One thing, I’ve been really focusing is getting rid of stuff, and here’s a short list of things what I’ve removed my computer:

  • Tons of old emails (pardon me something important went there, but I just had too much stuff there – now it’s all “archived”). I’m also cleaning my inbox and arraging it differently. Most of the stuff I get goes right to the archive/trash pile from now on.
  • I’m also removing more email stuff, in fact, I’m checking out if I could remove email from my computer – and move it solely to gmail & use it only from iPod Touch (Maybe in some emergency case I could have it on computer too). (More on this below)
  • I removed Twitter access (Tweetdeck program) from my computer. It’s now only in my iPod Touch. My work computer cannot handle it anymore.
  • I’m still pondering if I should switch this blog to a new platform to help publishing, although WordPress has done an app which should be able handle many things. I check this out. I’m considering switching to tumblr.com – it seems to be easy platform to publish stuff.
  • I’m also thinking what I will do with the Insiders system. Answering emails about the service takes some extra time, and while it’s not so much about time, but also about focus. We have nice 100ish members community and place to discuss things & ask for help. I could just focus on “being member” instead of thinking of getting new members in.

Why remove email and twitter programs?
Email is very close to necessity, and twitter is good tool for various stuff (networking, keeping in touch with the industry etc.) but when these programs are on my main computer, they are also a distraction. It’s so easy to “check email” or “check twitter” in case “there’s something”. I’ve removed Tweetdeck and have it only on my ipod. Now checking if I can do the same for my email and see how it goes.

Since iPod touch isn’t fast to type, it also forces me to send short & to the point messages.

Dunno if this works, but the good thing about trying stuff is that you can always switch back.

It’s in my interest to minimize distractions/projects/stuff… to have even more room to focus.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I think you spend too much time thinking how to spend your time more efficiently and how to get rid of unneeded stuff, that you don’t have any time to develop games anymore :)

  2. I have mail filters that move everything to specific folders. I check urgent ones the moment I receive them and others like forum subscriptions at the end of the day or in a break.
    For me wordpress is the best. It allows me to publish something in a matter of minutes, but I can spend hours customizing stuff if I want.
    Twitter: I used it a while but then I ended up receiving hundreds of tweets a day and gave up. But I still can write faster a 160 chars message on the PC than a 50 chars message on the iPod. On iPad is faster, maybe 100 chars…
    For me it just depends on the mood: I can check stuff “just in case” for an entire day (and it’s ok, because even if I start working I won’t be very productive). Heh, even if I have a computer with just a compiler and a text editor, I can draw ascii art just to skip working. On the other hand I can get in a coding spree and ignore everything around me for a whole day. So for me it doesn’t matter what I have on my computer but motivation, deadlines, the boss behind me, etc…

  3. Steffen: tumblr lets you use your own domain if you want. Pluginwise you are right, although good thing is you dont need to handle updates and hosting

    Jake: not sure. Maybe. Link?

  4. I can highly recommend having a 2nd email address that you only give to close contacts, and a main email account for everyone else, lists, and companies. Besides not needing to check the bulk one often it’s very satisfying when a pain-in-the-arse company that thinks that they own you gets “unimportant@” as your contact mail ;-)

  5. Interesting points. I’ve been thinking about that too. As a published book author, I’ve been getting a lot of emails. I was able to cut down on that by starting a forum (Cocos2D Central – http://cocos2d-central.com). But I also get a lot of junk emails or regular notifications (backup, google alert, invoices, spam and others) that I don’t need to have in my inbox, it would be sufficient to check them once a week. So I’ve also been planning to re-organize my inbox over the next couple days.

    As for Twitter/Tweetdeck: I’ll try it with more discipline first, like quitting Tweetdeck when I start working. I do need it though, because it’s my liveblood and connection to fellow developers, even more so than my blog.

    Speaking of which: I use WordPress for several websites, I don’t see the alternative here. Tumblr is great if you need something between Twitter and WordPress I guess. But I need WordPress, to be flexible, use various plugins and themes and most of all, to show through my websites that I’m a professional. How many Tumblr blogs do you know that are run by professionals, or give the impression of being professional blogs? I believe in that regard tumblr.com and other blogging services are tainted. It always makes me question how serious is this person with his/her blogging activities?

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