Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks, looks much better now! Fili is happy ^_^

  2. And now got sidebar where it belongs.

    Since this thing is cached (wp super cache), some pages might not display fine… but sidebar is there.

    Hope you fili like this, did this all for you ;)

  3. Okay, now comments are in proper order… and reply field down here.

    Now setting that right side menu

  4. I can switch back. Good point on comments misding. The right side is totally misding in single pages, can change that

  5. I don’t like the new layout. First of all, the comments are in reverse order so I have to read them from bottom to top but the replies are from top to bottom. Another reason I don’t like is that the recent comments list is gone. I usually checked there to see if new stuff was discussed, now it’s gone. Now if there are 2-3 posts that I’m following, I have to check each of them for new comments, activity for which I don’t have time.

  6. I like this much better than the old blog style. This is much cleaner and more comfortable to read.

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