Dear Santa, please make people stop bitching in year 2011

On my last week’s Xmas trip I read a story about one African villagers. There women spend few hours each day carrying water from some well to their village. They worked like 16 hours a day, and then slept.

Let’s stop right there.

Each day.


From far away well.

The trip alone took few hours.

I hear people bitching and whining how some web page takes 1 second to load instead of 0,5 seconds. I hear people whining how some user interface is crap since the button is not located in logical place (I do this quite a bit on my own). I hear people whining that there’s too cold outdoors.

Would be nice to put things into perspective for a while.

And stop bitching about small things.

(Villagers were more than happy after they finished constructing a pipes system that brought water several kilometers right to their village. So, a happy end there though.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. On the Discovery channel, a few weeks ago was a documentary about a small african village that used to carry water from great distances and ate what they could forage and hunt. The government helped them: built a hospital, a fresh water supply, sent them food and all. At the beginning everything was ok, but then something odd started happening: the men started drinking, fighting and all sorts of nasty stuffs. They lost their way of life. They had nothing to do all day. The time spent hunting and foraging was now spent drinking. A few years later they abandoned this all and went back to their old lives, now everybody is happier than ever.
    Hey, all I do is code for 16-20 hours a day. Then I go to sleep. It’s my job, just like it’s that women’s job to carry water. If one day somebody came to me and said “You don’t have to write code anymore, here’s a code pipe”, I’d be lost. I don’t know anything else to do. I’ve been coding almost all my life. I’d probably start drinking…

  2. I noticed that while I was typing that blog post. I was hoping nobody would notice.


  3. well.. well.. look at yourself, you bitch about people bitching :D

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