House pretty much cleaned, year 2011 can come now

Cleaning is good for the soul.

I managed to clean some important things, two most radical being:

  • Twitter
  • Email

I no longer have fast/good access (read: Tweetdeck) to my Twitter feed. Unfortunately there’s the web-based twitter but luckily I don’t like that as much as Tweetdeck so hopefully I stay away. I’ll only check twitter through iPod touch.

Same with email.

I don’t know how well this works, but we’ll see. Hopefully for the best. I can always revert back if I think this won’t work. The main point is to set my working environment (aka, my main computer) in such shape that it does what I need: game project stuff.

Other (gaming related or otherwise) I can check from sofa with ease, when I have happen to have time to sit around for a few minutes. It’s in my hopes to make room and have better focus for game development.

No more “maybe some day” in email
One important point about email is that currently I have actually just 2 folders: inbox, trash. I most likely need “archive” too, but that’s it then. No other folders are needed. Inbox I focus on keeping on zero, and act on posts that need action. Trash is the place where most of the stuff goes and potentially archiving something. (4th folder would be “need action” type of folder)

It’s very drastic move, and I might regret/change it later, but I start with big change now. I change this to something else if needed.

Other things I’ve cleaned:

  • WordPress blog
  • Old hanging (non game) projects

I also cleaned this blog a bit and tested to see if tumbrl would provide more hassle free updates and such. Since I want to have my own personal touch on the appearance, and since there’s pretty good iphone app coming (2.6.4 should come out next week according to WordPress iOS blog) I’ll stick to this. I also wouldn’t have known what to do with the old blog posts and such… so I just decided to stick with this blog platform. I also updated the wordpress to newest version (rumour has it there’s flaw in 3.0.3 so better upgrade it) and changed the layout to more simplistic one. More personal too.

I also made the decision to drop many old projects (or projects in idea level). Like for example I thought about writing ebook on something (like using material from this blog), but I thought it’s just distraction. was nice last year, but it took quite a bit of time. I’m letting the domain expire. And some other stuff… that I just decide that they will not be “hanging” there. They are frozen, put to box and thrown to outer space.

Other things coming most likely/possibly:

  • Insiders membership closing down for new members
  • New company name

I decided that soon there won’t be any more new members accepted to the Insiders. Promoting & replying questions takes bit of time, and I feel that I wanna solely focus on doing game and selling it. I don’t want to sell to indies, I want to sell to players.

Last but not least I’ve considered changing my company name to something else, but coming up with new name and filling papers feels like work. Mentally this “relaunch” might be good, so might do that. Dunno yet.

Oh, and I do have a plan about game project too
It’s really simple:

  • Make game and watch it selling tooons of amount of copies

More on that and other things at some point.

It’s so interesting: so far I’ve done nothing new but just got rid of old clutter. I already feel much more energetic on getting stuff done. Feels good.

Juuso Hietalahti