New breed of customers

I just bought 2 games. Creed Corp (PC) and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PS3).

When I was a kid, I bought games based on careful thinking and consideration. And then we (me and my brother) played the games over and over. We spend tons of time playing the game.

I’m quite certain that I won’t play Creed Crop much, but there’s other reasons why I bought the game:

  • I read about the gameplay mechanism and want to see how it works in action. Maybe I learn a bit of new game design or get some ideas.
  • I wanted to support the developers a bit.

Then Undead Nightmare:

  • Again I read good things about this and while I already own GTA 4, I want to see how they are doing the Sandbox type of playmode in this game. Heard that the game is pretty good at giving surprises. (And zombies are always an added bonus, right).
  • I honestly doubt I will have much time to play that game.

Time is my most precious asset, and I do think it’s beneficial to try different games, but I hardly buy games for the sake of “getting to play”.

I have 10 or 20 games I’ve bought and haven’t touched yet. Sure, found these from virtual bargain bin (xmas sales and others). I probably won’t touch those games to be honest.

Weird how the world changes. I thought people purchased games to play them, but nowadays people just purchase them.

I guess that’s good news for the industry.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Not everything has a demo. That said, it’s also hard to pass up stuff marked down 80% or 85%. I have been cursing steam all week for tempting me badly.

    Although, I have to hand it to them for such a marketing masterstroke: two events to get people to create and build wishlists, and then steeply mark everything down…with helpful reminders about stuff on your wishlist is now on sale.

  2. @Mankoon: yeh, in the future games will be just virtual boxes. You cannot even play them, just buy them.

    @Azrael: usually there’s demos available for handling that.

  3. In the future we will all buy games but never play them. They will be like badges of support for devs collected on our steam pages. Silly though, right? I do the same thing some times. Other times I just buy games I know I won’t have time to play but would like to own.

  4. I too have picked up a number of games this holiday season, most via Steam. Some of them I picked up only to investigate their workings. Beyond that, I probably wont rack up many hours on them. But, I do think Raph Koster is right when he says..you should try a game, if only long enough to get the basics down. You can learn a lot.

    When I was a kid, I used to take things apart to see how they worked…I guess the same philosophy holds true with me now: sometimes I buy a game just to see how it does what it does. But I don’t just do it with standalone games, I also do it with MMO’s as well.

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