Now I just need electric chair

I now have a saddle chair. Yesterday I got my new table which can be lifted up and down using electricity – sort of an “electric table” I’d say. It took maybe like 5 hours to get it set up (didn’t organize wires just yet, and could drill some holes to make floor wireless) – including rearranging & clearing the office. I hope this combination of proper chair and table help keeps back pains away.

(Although now after setting everything up, my back is killing me)

Anyways, here’s me pressing the magical buttons to lift the table!

7 thoughts on “Now I just need electric chair

  1. Juuso

    @Tim: chair that goes up & down… whaaat? :D

    @John: so.. basically there’s 2 things I’m using. When I’m using chair, I lower the table to right level. When I’m not using chair, I lift the table (and stand).

  2. Tim FIsher

    You are a crazy man… Instead of getting an electric table and a saddle chair you should have got a chair that can go “up” and “down”..

  3. Saul

    what is the minimum and maximum height of the table?
    I’ve been searching for one over three years with absolutely no luck.


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