Do you have a face? (not the book, but like internet face)

I do.

My face is in Gravatar. It’s a pretty slick system. It works like this:

  • First I went here to type my email I use in blog comments (I’d recommend using secondary email if you have one)
  • Then I went and type some stuff on different blogs. Places. Things. All good.

And now my face appears whereever I comment.

And it’s nice to see people’s faces. Some people might not care, but somehow when I see the face (or whatever avatar game dev’s might have) it tells me something about the guy. And makes things perhaps lil bit more personal.

You don’t wanna be faceless, right?
(nnirvi is of course an exception)

Try it, and comment in this blog post if you wanna try it out. (Remember to use the same email in blog comment and in your gravatar signup)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I got a gravatar after seeing the comment pics on this blog :)

  2. Finnish hero.

    He has been writing to Finland’s biggest/first gaming magazine Pelit for a long time now. His face was never shown in the magazine. At minimum it was always blurred.

  3. Never heard of Nirvi before. Maybe because he’s a local hero. This guy must have a difficult live hunting down all the publications showing him in reality. :)

  4. Been using Gravatar since day one too and I share the same opinion: it tells a little about the person, even more in an “ID-less” that is the internet. It is funny, but is easy to recognize if one has a programmer, designer or artist face, seriously, an avatar can tell that much. :P

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