Daily progress report

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve started writing really short daily progress reports via twitter. I was thinking that while my grandest project requires quite a bit of my time (10 month baby), doing something each day helps keep me in motion.

I haven’t talked about The Infected game anywhere near as much that I wrote about Dead Wake development, but those short daily tweets tell something.

Things progress quite nicely but won’t say anything more for now. Still some things that require work before sharing more about the project.

Are you keeping daily log about your progress – public or private?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I saw your Twitter with stuff like “Day 1: Drew this, made research about that, etc”, and since it was just the beginning of the year, I thought, why not keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet / w.e., in short words?

    And I’m doing that. Each line of the Google Doc spreadsheet (which means I may register entries whenever I’m) represents a day of the year (so I don’t need to tell which day is), and then I just register what happened both personally and professionally. So I actually copied your “idea” and improved it a little for my needs :)

  2. I’ve looked at this idea many times, but I’ve never actually done it. I need to here more “why this helps” anecdotes before I made a really commitment to the idea.

  3. Indeed, a work journal about what, when and how long I did work on anything. It includes programming, design, website work, communication and support.

    All for future statistics which may become public some day.

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