What can happen in a zombie game? Need help creating list of encounters/events

I’d need some help. I’d need a list of things that happen in zombie plots (think of typical urban scene: zombie infection occurs, everybody panics and gets eaten, and group of “heroes” spend tons of shotgun shells).

I’m thinking stuff like:

  • Found gasoline!
  • Empty ammo stash
  • Zombie behind the door
  • Flat tire

Et cetera.

If you type a comment, mention if you want your name for the credits, and I might consider it. *Cough*

Help me out, shall you?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Zombie flipping table with table lamp on it so the lights go out!
    Unexpected zombie emerging from water source!
    Zombie falling from a roof!
    Flaming zombie!
    Zombie “playing dead” as a corpse!
    You get distracted by a loud zombie sound while a silent one approaches you from behind!
    Zombie locked in car!
    Wait… am i too late?

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for the offer. Right now I’m fine, since things are still changing/developing quite a bit. Thanks for the offer though.

  3. Juuso.

    I’m an English major. Do you need help checking everything out for grammar/spelling?

    I can also help condense longer cards so they fit better.

  4. can you advice me when the game is made?
    and i have more ideas:
    -get bite by a zombie and convert in zombie and you can change beetween zombie and human whit antidote. (zombie is for a limited time and you get more time killing other zombies or army and you can trhow bacteria)
    -team mate help (for example when falling to water or get catch by a zombie)

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