What can happen in a zombie game? Need help creating list of encounters/events

I’d need some help. I’d need a list of things that happen in zombie plots (think of typical urban scene: zombie infection occurs, everybody panics and gets eaten, and group of “heroes” spend tons of shotgun shells).

I’m thinking stuff like:

  • Found gasoline!
  • Empty ammo stash
  • Zombie behind the door
  • Flat tire

Et cetera.

If you type a comment, mention if you want your name for the credits, and I might consider it. *Cough*

Help me out, shall you?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Zombie flipping table with table lamp on it so the lights go out!
    Unexpected zombie emerging from water source!
    Zombie falling from a roof!
    Flaming zombie!
    Zombie “playing dead” as a corpse!
    You get distracted by a loud zombie sound while a silent one approaches you from behind!
    Zombie locked in car!
    Wait… am i too late?

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for the offer. Right now I’m fine, since things are still changing/developing quite a bit. Thanks for the offer though.

  3. Juuso.

    I’m an English major. Do you need help checking everything out for grammar/spelling?

    I can also help condense longer cards so they fit better.

  4. can you advice me when the game is made?
    and i have more ideas:
    -get bite by a zombie and convert in zombie and you can change beetween zombie and human whit antidote. (zombie is for a limited time and you get more time killing other zombies or army and you can trhow bacteria)
    -team mate help (for example when falling to water or get catch by a zombie)

  5. first of all i have an idea for your game (if you want yo do it) you could putt parts of every zombie game and then bake it. i recommend you not to make zombies behind the door cause people will scare and will never play your game. so lets start whit the things you ask for.
    -go in a car and get crashed
    -a horde of zombies that kill your friends and you survive
    -go in a car and the gasoline is empty ands zombies eat you and survivors
    -get empty ammo in a giant horde of sombies
    -zombies destroy fort and kill all survivors
    -the survivors that arent killed are assassins and get killed by the army
    -to stop the horde the army trhows a nuclear bomb and the zombies and the survivors get killed

    i would like you to put my name on the credits or whtever you put my name

    well thats all i have to say hope your game gets fantastic and wons a trophy. sorry for the bad language im 4 spain

  6. Thanks everyone. I think there’s now more than enough plot ideas for me to use.

    You are free to give more ideas – who knows, maybe somebody finds them interesting and uses them – but my bag is full me thinks. Thanks everybody.

    Now, continuing checking plots…

  7. Force the player to cross a long bridge, suspended type with the odd abandoned car littered along the stretch of road. Halfway across have a zombie horde crossing from the other side toward the player. Retreating, the player finds zombies coming from the side he crossed from too.

  8. Made it this far (all above comments gone through)… 40 encounters/events or “chapters” so far.

  9. -You are looting a shop/car/whatever and you come across another living looter. You have to fight.
    -Someone is trying to loot YOUR hard-earned cache.
    –Comment is a play on the Texas flag “Come and take them!”
    -by Lotus
    -Vehicle variety. Yeah, you need SUVs, but everyone likes to cruise in sports-cars. Clear of a section of highway, grab some keys, head to the dealership!
    -Vehicle upgrades: up-armored front ends, bolstered windows
    -Companions or pets
    (I’m a big fan of leaving pets as un-infectable…)

  10. zomb animals is potential one, others might be trickier to use. thanks.

  11. Very usable ones. Good stuff, will be most likely using some (if not all) of these.

  12. “Reinforce safe house” is a good one to use.

    Item/key thing might be trickier.

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