I’m Downloading World of Warcraft

There’s some things one must try before age of 30. One of them is testing World of Warcraft. I actually don’t even remember if I’ve ever tested the game (somehow I remember making some orc but who knows), so to make sure, I’m downloading it.

I mean… maybe it’s good to actually try the game.

And no, I don’t intend to play the game. Just create a chap and kill some rats and get a bit of idea what’s there. Seeing things on my very own orc eyes.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I thought WOW was the stupidest thing ever. I’ve tried to get into it four times now, and each time I wasn’t able to play more than a couple of hours before getting bored and deleting it. Not for me.

    Eve Online, though, is something else– while WOW is like every other MMO out there, Eve is totally different and the ways it’s different sort of make me furious at all the other publishers, for releasing dumbed down theme park products for kids.

    I really don’t recommend that you play Eve because you’ll probably waste years on it. Things you’ve said indicate that you have trouble with video game addiction, so if you do install it, make a deal with yourself that you are going to let your subscription lapse after your trial period. A trial should let you see the ways in which it’s amazing.

  2. Except that with Cataclysm, they’ve completely revamped the entire old continent of Azeroth (the level 1-60 experience) up to the standard that they’ve refined from the past few expansions… so this is just about the best time to jump into the trial and learn their bag of tricks.

    The leveling curve has changed also – the talent tree collapsed back down to 31 points, and you gain your class talent (branching your character into one of three distinctive development paths) defining ability at level 10 instead of 40.

    One more thing – the ongoing story of the world had the gnomes and trolls retake their homeland at the end of the last expansion, and their starting areas are brand spanking new. Since I don’t believe you’ll get access to the two new races with a trial account, I’d recommending going with one of those races (gnome is Alliance, troll is Horde) to get the best experience. Of course, the other starting areas are only partially updated in case you want to get a sub-optimal experience…

  3. WoW is old, its mechanics are old. The stuff that was worked on in later expansions, minor stuff aside, is for end-game content.
    I’ve heard about epic interactive/scripted quests and entire dungeons etc. But until WotLK, it’s just plain old rat-killing, crafting, occasional holiday and achievement grind. Though it’s very fun :)

    So, unless you plan to try out the endgame stuff, there’s not much to “research” there.

  4. Trial account only gives you access to first 10 levels. Levels 0-10 tutorial, 10-15 extended tutorial, 15-20 understanding mechanics, 20-> adding more mechanic/stuff. Around 40 you’ll get major class skill and after that the leveling side of the game is pretty much same. But there is still massive amounts of interesting stuff to do and see.

    So trial account won’t get you very far. Buy game time card from local market and test it out for 2 months.

  5. This is how it starts :-P trust me, been there done it… i managed to get out after about 1 year… Just kill a few rats i said… just make a character i said.. :) Good luck…

  6. Good job getting rid of mails, tweeter and all other distractions so you can play WoW 24/7 uninterrupted :P
    I want to try it too, I want to see what’s so great about that game, but I’m afraid. I’m very afraid! What if I become addicted? Therefore I have a plan: use a trial version, valid only 2 weeks. After that, I’ll quit. Now I’m thinking I should try it in a holiday so I can play as much as possible in those 2 weeks.

  7. WoW is such a classic that one gotta try it. Perhaps we should try it together? I’ll be the dwarf.

    P.S. One also gotta see that WoW South Park episode, I literally laughed out loud tears bursting from my eyes half of the time watching that episode. (Also Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy youtube movie is a must-watch).

  8. I should also try it out sometime (before I’m 40 ;-). Also I should try out StarCraft II and a bunch of PS3 games, and zillions of other games, sigh.

  9. @Jonny: thanks! :D

    @Christopher: After reading, hearing from wow players , checking from reviews, wikis and whatnot… I’ve got info about WoW in every imaginable channel.

    I do not expect to “fully experience it” – definitely not. I merely want to take a peek and see how they do stuff… and how they for example welcome a n00b. I can put few hours into this and try it out. For the sake of gaining a bit of insight about the thing.

  10. If this is a serious pursuit to get any kind of real understanding of why Wow is such a phenomenon, trivializing it by merely killing rats will not provide you the results you require. If, however, you just want to be able to say you have played the game, kill away. It would take many hours to understand all wow has to offer.

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