There’s a monkey on my back (crossplatform game dev tool out)

There’s a new player in the jungle. Monkey is out. It uses Blitz type of easy to read syntax, and here’s some highlights about what monkey is:

Monkey is a brand spanking new programming language that allows you to create apps on multiple platforms with the greatest of ease.

Monkey works by translating Monkey code to one of a different number of languages at compile time – including C++, C#, Java, Javascript and Actionscript.

Monkey games can then be run on potentially hundreds of different devices – including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and even videogame consoles.

I coded my dwarf zombies something 1-week game using Bmax and I’m testing the Monkey demo and porting my code to monkey code (just for the sake of testing how it goes)… which then helps me port the game to HTML5… and at least in theory to XNA and to iPod (now I can justify the need to buy Xbox 360 and a Mac, *cough*)

Anyways. If you want 2D development (I suppose at some point in the distant future somebody might do 3D too, but for now… it’s 2D). If you want it to be super cross-platform… then check it out. I’m checking it out this week or so.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Multiple target platforms but only allows development ON Windows or Mac. Fail.

  2. Well, since LE is 3D and monkey stuff isn’t, I’d expect to see range of issues. Not to mention physics stuff.

    Well, at least at least for now until Monkey gets more stuff.

  3. Yes, because Monkey is basically BlitzMax 2, so there is really no need to use BlitzMax 1 anymore. You can just integrate any engine into Monkey and have a nice and easy coding syntax. This is very useful, since then you could also switch engines on the fly, while your source code would stay the same.

  4. LE3 as target…. what you mean? Coding in Monkey and then compiling to Leadwerks? o.O

  5. I bought it on the first day when it came out!
    It’s great so far, and I like all the easy and new technologies it brings with it.
    I see a lot of customization potential in the engine too, and everything is open source, so I can just add any new platform target I want, and even change the language itself.
    I already thought of adding Leadwerks Engine 3 as target :)

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