How to get funding for your project (Kickstarter and 8 Bit Funding tips)

I’m currently backing couple of projects through Kickstarter and I must say it feels good. From currently backed projects, the Mojang’s story is something where I actually might catch a thing or two professionally, and GameTunnel was the place I loved to go and hope to see it resurrected (or somehow merged with IGM).

Even though the sums I’ve given have been small, together with other backers they make decent sums. It gives me a pretty good feeling knowing that I’m contributing to the scene in this way too.

Here’s some of my tips for getting funding:

  • Person/story behind the project is more important than the project: We all have cool game ideas and everybody knows *their* game idea is the best one. Trying to convince others to support your cool game idea is tough… unless you find a good angle. Check the projects I’ve backed. Mojang’s story is amazing and they want to share their success story. Saving Game Tunnel (“the old famous indie site wants to raise from the grave”) makes a catchy story. If you are interesting person, or have interesting story to tell… then share it. The product in itself is not that interesting.
  • Provide enough of options to choose from: You can have $10 and $100 and even $10 000 options (and everything between… and beyond) and this gives possibility for people to choose how much they want to donate. On each level, give something more. Make the offers better and better on each level.
  • Give physical stuff: if your game can offer something physical then consider arranging giving it. It can be a physical copy of a magazine or creeper toy… whatever it is, consider giving one to people who select higher levels of funding.
  • Give credit & thanks: consider giving credits or putting people’s names in the finished product. My name will be on that Mojang story movie (yippee!) and it’s just great.
  • Give advertising: If you have a website, consider giving advertising for people who support. Advertising can be anything from “thank you blog post for all people” to “banner ads” or “reviews about your product” and so on. In the indie scene, indies look opportunities to get more publicity and if you can help them, they just might take the bait.

Bonus tip: “consider the payment method”
There are several places that offer funding system for your products and consider the different options before choosing one to go with. Here’s two funding places:

  • Kickstarter (accepts Amazon only, they take 5% of the funds raised – if 100% funded)
  • 8 bit funding (accepts Paypal, they take 5% of the funds received after paypal charge, if at least 50% funded)

Please notice that I have used Kickstarter just twice and haven’t yet received my stuff (since projects aren’t completed yet), so I don’t know how trustworthy or reliable these systems are. People seem to use them, so I’ve taken the chance. When it comes to money, it’s up to you to check this.

Also, notice that since 8 bit funding accepts Paypal, for some people (such as me) it might be more likely to donate money from my Paypal account rather than my credit card (maybe that’s just me).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. There’s also Pledgie.com to raise funds for a project. I believe they don’t keep a percentage of the raised funds.

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