The Infected game card design

I’ve finally put together the first version of the rulebook and created decks of cards. Even placed order through Artscow to get physical versions of the cards in my hands (3 decks, since I got some extra cards, yay).

The platform for the game is 2 folded: physical version (about 2-3 decks of cards) and online version (through my protohut system where the game can be played in browser). So no, this isn’t your typical PC game. The online version has no rules… since I only provide cards and table. It’s up to the players to check the rules and play the game nicely. Just like having a real board gaming session (I’ve tested playing Battle Lines, Lotr: Confrontation and both worked excellently through the online system).

I have written a brief rulebook for the game. Just 7 pages at the time of writing this blog post, although more will come when I get some pictures there… and when I mention credits for all you guys who helped me to get encounters in the game. I planned doing some videos to show how the game is played, but naturally this won’t happen until I get some serious feedback after tests.

Here’s few bits and pieces from the about 100 different card there is in the game. First we have Alan the captain. Each character (currently 6) has different unique skills and also different leadership skills which they can use when they are leading the group.

And here we have one example of a resource that survivors try to gather during the game in order to make a successful escape.

For art, I’ve used Dreamstime, my own mind and Gimps “old photo decor + change of darkness” filter to provide (hopefully) consistent look for cards.

Even though I know that most likely every single card out of 100 I ordered will get changes, I wanted to get my hands on those cards and physical version is so real that it’s great to make it happen.

Last couple of months have been heavy design work for me, and it’s good to get into this level. Next in the todo list: testing and heavy balancing.

Juuso Hietalahti