Back to life

Talking about my computer. A few days ago, my computer screen looked somewhat odd and after trying bit of self-tech-support and googling I came to conclusion that old vid card is broke and I need a new card.

I went to shoppe and got GeForce 450 GTS (1 gig) which cost 129 euros. Some minutes ago I plugged it in & installed new drivers.

Now vertical stripes on the screen are gone, and just received info that my cards are shipped. So, all is good in the kingdom once again.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. First time I saw this. This broken card (Geforce GT 9800) was bought ages ago so no warranty. I think.

  2. Yup. those lines are due to graphics card malfunction. Have had those issues twice – once I had to get a new card, once it was in the warranty peroid.

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