First test with the first “real” physical version and I fear that…

… this might turn out to be quite fun game to play.

Pardon me for the crappy picture quality, I just took some hi-res shots when my photo camera and battery died before I managed to import the pictures to my machine – now need to recharge. This picture was taken with my iTakeCrappyShotsOtherwisePerfectDevicePod Touch.

On the left (barely visible, brown cards: reading “resource, petrol”) are the resource cards. The purpose of the game is to gather enough resources to make an escape. Resources can also be used to overcome tough challenges (but then resource is lost).

Next to resource cards are the Encounter cards (bit of red blood on these cards, yaiks). Players need to overcome these to gain resources. In case of failure, Encounter cards are discarded from the encounter deck. Players will lose if encounter pile is exhausted (and new encounter would need to be drawn), so the encounter has many purposes.

Then there’s the Action cards, which come in 3 different types: success, failure, problems. These are used in order to beat Encounters and are most used cards in the game. Most of the action cards have special conditions on them, which give little bit of pondering on when to use them.

On the right are the character cards. Currently there’s bunch of characters, each with their own special skills and abilities.

Outside the picture there’s also few special cards: day/night card, leader card (acts also as the turn marker) and team cards (which determine your side)

Last night I played solo (simulated 2 player co-op version) and I was bit afraid how the playing feels when I actually have the “real” (not just cards taken from other games or post-it notes scribblings) physical version with actual card texts and for the first “real” version, I must say that I have positive feelings about this game.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Now progress comes to light.

    The blood on the cards is cool! Seems good for immersion.

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