Infected cards explained (with 600 kilos of pics)

After getting my camera battery back to life, I took some shots and here they are, weighting about 600 kilobytes.

Action cards
The action cards are the most used cards. They are played to overcome encounters and gain resources. Each action card might have a special condition that will give another dimension on thinking when to use the card.

Currently, there’s 6 different characters in the game. Each with their own special abilities and leadership skills.

Then we have the encounters, pretty much written/inspired by you. There’s about 40 different encounters, with various conditions on each card.

Currently 4 different: survivors need to gather enough resources to make a successful escape. Resources can also be used to help survivors in the game.

Special cards: day/night, leader
Day/night varies in the game and encounters are harder to beat during nights. Leader card determines who is currently taking lead and making major decision on how the group proceeds forward.

Last we have the team cards (the blood samples)
There might be one character who is carrying a deadly infection which attracts other infected creatures. The players secretly know their team. Those with clean blood samples must figure out who is the infected and the infected must try remain hidden and secretly sabotage the group.

Juuso Hietalahti


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