This is what I loved in localized version of Civilization 1

I’m talking about Civilization 1 (or 2). Many, many, many years ago when dinosaurs ruled the land and Civilization 1 & 2 were the best games on earth. That’s when I spent countless number of hours building my very own civilization.

And at some point I noticed something cool. I noticed a language file! There it was. Staring right at me under the game folder.

It didn’t take me long to ignite my game developer mode and off to modding I headed. I started localizing the game to Finnish. Sometimes it was slightly difficult, since the language file supported only ascii characters, and Finnish has few extra characters (Ääää and Ööö), but I did manage to avoid the blows pretty well. I Didn’t use “A” instead of “Ä”, but rather tried to use other Finnish words instead and got language file translated.

When I launched the game, and saw my version appear there… it was a great feeling.

Instead of translating your game, maybe provide players tools to make their own translations?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Robert: okay tobe clear, I have zero tolerance on pirating – that includes game devs as well. Inall circumstances, a permisdion needs to be granted for using anymaterial in your product.

  2. “pirate their translations and put them to your game” – there’s some irony there but that’s probably not good advice, even if you’re joking.

    I provided tools for user translations on an earlier project. It does work for getting free foreign translations, just have someone you trust proofread anything you put back into the product.

    My current project reads straight Excel spreadsheets for localization.

  3. I did the same thing translating it to Brazilian Portuguese! =)

    Well… I have translated almost everything but Civilopedia! =P

  4. Well, I found some files in your Dwarves game and tried to translate it to Spanish. I found it a little more difficult than Civilization’s files, but it works too, doesn’t it?

  5. See, pirates can be useful. Now just pirate their translations and put them to your game :)

  6. This is what I’ve done with Lylian Ep 1. And with great glee there are now pirated versions of it in multiple languages. :D

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