Here’s list of some useful skills for indie game developers

Here’s my list, in no any specific order:
- patience
- people skills
- organizating skills
- negotiation
- passion
- programming
- ability to understand importance of details
- ability to see the big picture
- networking
- storytelling
- marketing
- english
- open mind
- ability to listen
- continous improvement
- troll killer
- doesn’t gives rat’s arse bottom attitude, sometimes
- transparency
- realizing that making an overnight success takes at least 11 years
- ability to see what works
- did I mention passion?
- respect for different people
- habit of thanking people
- math & physics knowledge is a plus: it helps in many areas
- realizing that nobody will steal your game idea, no matter how hard you try (we simply don’t ever fully see what you do, before you’ve finished)
- determination to finis things
- more determination to polish after finish (it was a fortunate typo in the sentence above this one)
- understanding that graphics most likely isn’t the thing you can compete with
- focus
- vision

And many, many more.

What would you add on this list?

9 thoughts on “Here’s list of some useful skills for indie game developers

  1. Anonymous

    “…realizing that making an overnight success takes at least 11 years…”


    I would add schizophrenia: Put your heart into something but don’t take opinions about it personal. Or: write rock solid code but test it like everything can go wrong. Another: come up with great ideas to drop most of them later.

  2. Antipirina

    But it’s not the same a good game designer than an indie game developer.
    So the word Indie it’s very important here, you’re not designing games, you’re free to make any game you can sell. So you may need some business skills, but to need maths skills it’s relative of what game are you designing I think.
    I don’t think Jan Sv?rák from Amanita is a polymath, I think he’s more like an artist.

  3. Robert

    I think Focus is an important one. If you have more than one game idea and can’t put all your concentration on one. Then it’s just counter productive.

  4. Antipirina

    I think the more difficult for me would be to realize and measure which one to improve. It’s not easy to see yourself from outside and identify good and bad points. You have to be very open minded.


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