Post mortem of year 2010 (yeh, I know it’s May now)

It’s May 10th.

Close to 40% of this year is finished.

I think this quite accurately reflects what happened last year (became a daddy meant I needed to re-think everything and especially how I spend my time). It also reflects that list of my goals for year 2010 was pretty short.

I rate these:
– Dead Wake: 3 out of 5 stars (decent).
– Daddy project: 6 out of 5 stars (memory overflow error aka greatness!)

Dead Wake was my biggest financial investment in gaming (in a decade I’ve been involved in this stuff) and it didn’t turn out so good as I planned, although there’s elements in the game I’m truly happy about (building barricades, one-liners, bi-monthly releases, PC Gamer coverage, time I managed to arrange in development, gathering mailing list, earlier community, plans for Dead Wake 2).

Daddy project (I now have wonderful 1 year old girl) on the other hand has been amazing. It has been by far the most time & energy consuming project I’ve ever been involved, but seeing how the path finding, rewards system, casual play, controls and everything come together… easily makes it feel that the more effort I give, the more I get.

Last year and kid also changed my attitude on new year resolutions. Instead of coming up things that “I will do”, I made a big list of what “I won’t do”. So far that list is been working pretty well and in a way while I have had less time to do gaming project, I’ve been more productive with the time I have been able to use.

This years goal: get Infected card game out (both physical and digital versions).

Juuso Hietalahti