Lesson from keyboard shopping

Always test the keyboard before purchasing. I had my precious Logitech WhoKnowsWhatBasicModelThisIs (and I think I’ve bought 2-3 of these same exact models in the past, just color has changed, and cost is like 20 euros or so) and it’s bit worn so I thought to purchase a new set.

I always test keyboards before purchase, but not this time. I tried to find the same exact model, but it wasn’t available so I checked another Logitech keyboard model. I looked at the box and thought that “this looks pretty similar, I just take this one” alas it wasn’t. The keys were closer to each other and positioned “wrong”. And by wrong I mean: not 100% same way as in my earlier keyboard. Typing was way too different and made me curse my purchase.

After 27 seconds of serious testing I concluded that I switch back to old keyboard, and here I am, typing happily.

Next time, I’ll test the keyboard.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah, I had the same problem with XCode 4. First time when I saw it I hated it instantly. It was too odd, couldn’t do anything right. But after 2-3 hours, I got used to it. Now it seems better than the old one…

  2. I’ve been rocking with my Prodige FlatX Ultra-Flat keyboard for years now. That a lot of flatness. Really the best and its cheapo-bulk kind and it gets cheaper as the years go by. Its no like 12€

  3. Did you really test it just 27 seconds?

    Recently I updated Firefox to version 4. My first impression was: Opera clone. I did not like the new interface because I had to search where they put the functions. But after a few hours I loved it. It’s different but good.

    You may get used to your new keyboard after a while. Maybe it works better than your old one. Maybe not.

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