Why I like my Playstation 3

The Playstation network (and/or PS Store) has been down for something like 2 million years now, making some games still unplayable, but I don’t care.

Here’s why:

  • PS3 is a blu-ray player: I don’t want additional bluray player and Xbox. I want to have as few devices in my living room as possible.
  • There was one day when I had no 3D player, but it changed in one night. For free. Last year, Sony decided that they want to give me a 3D player and made software update which made my PS3 to magically allow playing of 3D stuff. That is like awesome customer service, me likes very much.
  • My bro has PS3: we can share our games & play online too. That wouldn’t happen if one of us got Xbox or something else.
  • My PS3 has bluetooth: headset, controllers. This is amazingly great feature since I don’t want any hassle. Heck, I can go to kitchen and keep talking or controlling my precious thingy.
  • Xbox services got hacked last time about month ago and apparently in year 2007 there was a hack which kept service doors closed.

The point is, that I like my PS3 device and I’m not letting other people decide my actions on this.

If one day I’d want to switch console, here’s some reasons why I might consider getting Xbox 360:

  • Kinect & possible Kinect indie game development (just think about the possibilities of creating a game where you must move like a zombie… slowly and unsteadily…)
  • Xbox development possibilities: Microsoft has a solid foundation for making games for Xbox console, Playstation has close to zero opportunities for Joe Indie to try do PS development.

When making decisions, sometimes I like to think where I’m heading rather than what I’m running away from.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Not here. Store is offline, and nhl game pack purchases (even without using real money but “ea pucks”) is somehow tied to the store system, making one game mode unplayable sincr you cannot purchase new contracts for your team.

    So, in theory the network is up. In practise: only partially

    Notice, i live in finland

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