Juuso Hietalahti


    • …Which is still awful. Honestly I have no idea how console gamers play FPS games for fun.

      I own both Xbox and PC and one day decided that I would get Modern Warfare(1) for the xbox. I had to take it back after 2 days and exchange it for the PC version because I found aiming so frustrating with a controller.

    • I don’t know, I can’t play any FPS without a mouse. But there’s some people who can play very well, especially the ones that didn’t play with a mouse and got used to the analog sticks from the beginning. Heck, I was playing Doom with the keyboard in the ’90s :)

  1. I agree 5 million percent. :D

    I’m making a game right now that uses 9 buttons, and that’s just for moving around.

    • Close, a space building game which requires 6 degrees of movement and turning.

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