“90% done”, “almost finished”, “releasing tomorrow”

Last week I was doing proofreading and changes and about 5 revisions earlier I was thinking that I do “final touches today”. I’ve done “final touches” now about 7-8 times and now finally I think the very final touches are done, and I can get a deck ordered.

It’s quite interesting how mind works on estimating things. I was certain that 5th revision would be final, but then I made some corrections (like changed text “event” to “EVENT”, or changed card values) and went through cards again… more changes needed. Now I have about 8th revision available, and now I feel that it’s ready. Since I did “one more change”, I will check the assets once more and see if there’s something to fix.

“90% done” or “almost finished”… might as well say “under construction”.

Planning to release something “tomorrow”?

Might be tricky.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yep, been there done that.

    I’ve learned that when its’s 90% done You still have 90% more to do.

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