Violence in games & parents responsibility

My thinking goes:
– Age ratings and content info are good things
– parents are supposed to try figure out what kids are playing and then limiting access to nonsuitable material
– I play games that have violence and whatnot in them, but I don’t play those games when my kid is watching

I don’t want government to control games, but I do like that there’s laws & regulations that require games sellers to give parents information about the game. This way parents have something to base their decisions.

(Of course kids will still get their hands on unsuitable games, no matter what governments and parents try. Kids are fun that way.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I grow up with Violent Video games and I still play them now, I don’t mind people explaining to my mom that a game has this and this in it, even if it means she probably wont get it for me. The only thing I hate is when they try and take away games, and the fact that games that are really really bad and have an Adult Rating here in the U.S.A. can’t even be found in stores. I think that games should be easy to find even if it is very violent and stuff, everyone has there right to choose.

  2. Here in Finland we have K18 rating, which essentially means that you cannot sell these games to folks under 18 years.

    All other ratings (3, 7,… 15 or whatever they are) are “recommendations” and to help parents decide.

    I have no problem with those K18 rated games, since violence/content in them can be sometimes so disturbing I don’t want to touch them. Not many games get that rating though.

  3. Yes, these ratings should definitely stay on the boxes. I’m also a parent, who plays a lot of video games. Strangely my kid is not so much interested (so far). But think it will become an issue in a few years. And then these ratings will become useful.

    And I’m also against any other regulations.

  4. I agree, but there is no need for any regulations. Poland is great example. There is no regulations about games, yet every game has a pegi rating on the box. Parents just want it.

  5. I do the same as you, play violent games but ban my kids from playing them. I do find the ratings useful also.

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