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  1. Yes, I do. Casuals, only. I once played a massive strategy game, but get tired after two months.
    But I prefer XBox and Steam! :D

  2. Is it me or are people here confusing browser games (like “Urban Rivals” or “Might and Magic: Heros”) with flash games? I tried a few browser games, but generally I dislike them because they often base on pure grinding and greed from the side of the developers. (The two I actually found a bit enjoyable are those two I mentioned at the beginning.)

  3. I think the bigger issue with browser games isn’t that people play or don’t play them, its that it is very difficult to make money making them.
    (People play browser games! See Addictinggames, Pogo, Games.com, Kongregate, Armor Games etc.)

    There are one off examples of HUGE monetization (Zynga games)
    But mostly, browser based games are not perceived to make the developers tremendous amounts of revenue.

    Sure, some people make a game for the love of the game, but mostly, they want to get paid for their work.

    In fact I was at GDC online in Austin a couple of years ago and some exec (fairly successful.) Said “Don’t bother with flash games, there is no money in flash”
    Interesting stuff and likely a problem.

  4. Yes, yes and yes.:) I love to play them and make them. Browers games are great and fun. Looking from the point of indie developers, it is a great way of publicity. I even have a site for browser games:) check it out: http://funtidote.com

  5. I would say just about everyone plays them at some stage in one form or another… Probably a lot more people play now with Facebook and other Social Media websites.

  6. Yes. Almost exclusively.

    Reason: convenience.

    1. No download. Well, technically you’re downloading them, but it’s not hundreds of megabytes or worse.

    2. Installation: try it with no compromise. If you like it, bookmark it. That’s it. Doesn’t fill your start menu / taskbar / desktop with icons and shortcuts and whatnot just because you wanted to try the game.

    3. Uninstall: just close the browser tab. And you are certain that it’s not there any more. No hidden data directories in your home folder, no weird entries in your registry or other system configuration files. Technically, there’s the browser cache, but that’s trivial to wipe.

    4. Compatibility: I know it will work on my OS straight away, as long as it’s flash / java / html5. No need to buy a new computer or OS just to match the developer’s choice OS. Unfortunately that’s not always true, since some developers are making their games with Unity, which does not work on all major desktop OSs, only some of them, but that’s not a big problem for me as a user: I’m only forced to ignore their games. I can still play others’ games.

  7. I play browser games rather frequently, though I don’t finish most of them. Browser games can be very fun and playing them can be as rewarding as other games. People will be quick to point out that they lack the depth and complexity of games that run off of a disk/hard drive, but there are reasons for it…the first being that not every game requires a lot of depth and/or complexity (Tetris is a prime example of that). Another reason is that browser games tend to keep a small file size for quicker loading. In fact, many online game portals have a size cap on the files submitted.

    That said, I think my favorite browser game so far has been Knightfall 2. Lovely job the guys at Megadev have done :)

  8. I used to play browser games when I had too much free time on my hands at work. But this was only because no other games were possible there (firewalls and all this corporate… err… stuff). These were sad times, when all you could do on a phone was Nokia snake and such. Had I have my iPhone then…

    I have especially keen memories of a flash game called Monster’s Den. A simple dungeon crawler with some strategy required during turn based fights. But addictive as hell. I actually try to recreate somewhat similar experience in my little iPhone game in development, Infinity Dungeon. Just with better visuals and music. But the core gameplay will be free exploration + turn based fights. We’ll see how this turns out…

  9. No answers but I bet this question will be obsolete in some years. When you don’t even notice you are playing a browser game. Best guess in 3-4 years not before though.

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