12 thoughts on “Do you spend money on browser games?

  1. MariahLu

    Guys come on I mean if you have the chance to try & play free like I do it is absolutely worth it to spend some bugs. Just set yourself a limit if you get too overwhelmed. The whole discussion over f2p games is kind of bothering me, cause as a developer myself I like to show some love to others especially to those who just got started and have really great stuff to offer.

  2. Asamak

    I never paid for simple online items. But maybe I would pay for more complex content like e.g. access to the whole map in runescape.

    Apart from that I paid 50€ to support development in a strategy game I played for some years.

  3. Robert Dowling

    I have, about $3 in total if I remember correctly. On two facebook games – Army Attack, and … some other game I can’t remember the name of. The ‘other’ game because I wanted to see how far putting a little coin in helped me. And Army Attack because the odds were stack against me, they were coming from all sides in heavy armour! I was beaten down but couldn’t let them take my small village, so I bought some fuel, and wood, and rushed a couple of supply drops. Needless to say I won the battle that day.

    $3, yeah I think it was worth it for a month of game play.

  4. Andy Bumpkin

    I’ve never bought anything within a browser game. If I feel I’m being asked to fork over cash in a free-2-play game that’s usually the point I stop playing!

    I’m probably a terrible example of a typical user though :)

  5. Dundil

    I did on a strategy game I played for two months. First time and the last one. Now I prefer paying for mobile (1-3€ once a month), XBox (20-30€ once every two months) or Steam titles (5-10€ once in a while). Oh! …and Indie games bundles.

  6. Juuso

    Previous blog post got mainly “yes”. Now for the bit more interesting question… (bearing in mind the audience who read this blog – mainly game devs)


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